Paulette presents the tips and tricks she has learned over the years in a fun and instructional way to help you navigate your one-handedness. As Paulette says, “If I can, you will.”

In the last 15 years, a lot of new products have been developed to help those who are struggling with one-handedness. Many of the products that Paulette uses and recommends in these videos are easily available from numerous stores or online companies. Paulette also shows that not every product works the way it’s supposed to, and sometimes it’s because of how we use the product. Visit the Products page for a list of Paulette’s recommended items.


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In Just 4 Minutes or Less Series

In Just 4 Minutes or Less: Pitcher

Do you have trouble grasping cartons and find that they slide out of your hands? Then consider transferring carton contents to a pitcher. Check this video out for Paulette’s recommendation about the best type to buy.

In Just 4 Minutes or Less: Cutting Board

Having a problem cutting vegetables, fruits, or meats? Then a one-handed cutting board is for you! Watch as Paulette’s shows you how easy this type of cutting board is to use.

In Just 4 Minutes or Less: Jeans

In Just 4 Minutes or Less: Hair Drying

In Just 4 Minutes or Less: Washcloth

You might think selecting a washcloth is effortless. If your hands are weak, though, it’s hard to squeeze enough water out of the washcloth before you use it. Here’s Paulette’s tip on what type of washcloth to buy to save time and energy.

In Just 4 Minutes or Less: Earrings


Slicing Vegetables: Part 1

Meet one of Paulette’s favorite kitchen tools: the one-handed cutting board.  In this video, she’s using it for slicing zucchini.

Slicing Vegetables: Part 2

The one-handed cutting board can easily handle larger vegetables, like potatoes and yams, with an easy trick.

Slicing Vegetables: Part 3

Even difficult to slice vegetables, like celery, are easy to work with when you have a one-handed cutting board. 

Using a Spin Mop

Paulette demonstrates how using a lightweight spin mop, like this O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop, can help you be able to clean your floors with only one hand. 

One-Handed Strainer

One-handed strainers make cooking much easier.  The strainer in this video is the Joseph Joseph 40056 Square Colander.

Cracking an Egg

Learn Paulette’s technique for cracking an egg with one hand.

Recipe: Salmon in Parchment Paper

Paulette takes you through this delicious salmon recipe from start to finish the one-handed way.

Hair Dryer Stand

Paulette’s shares her secret for one handed hair styling.

Recipe: Escarole Meatball Soup

This recipe is one of Paulette’s childhood favorites.

Levups Measuring Cups

Levups make measuring and leveling for all of your cooking and baking needs possible with one hand.

Opening a Sealed Container

A one-handed approach to opening a sealed container utilizing your legs and pliers.

Slicing Ham

Paulette demonstrates how easy slicing meat can be with the right tools.

Using Measuring Spoons

The best way to use measuring spoons with only one hand.

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