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The Book

One-Handed Cooking Secrets: The Joy of Cooking Single-Handed

Want to know secrets? Do I have your attention?

Cooking is a skill that connects us to our loved ones. It is also a skill we need for ourselves. Not everyone has someone to take over when they struggle.

Actually, I don’t want these to be secrets. They are critical answers to questions posed by those struggling with one-handedness.

“One-Handed Cooking Secrets” gets you started in being more independent in the kitchen and helps you bring back the joy of cooking. 

Learn about new products and how to use ones you may already have in your kitchen in a different way.

If you want simple, practical solutions to cooking one-handed, then “One-Handed Cooking Secrets" is for you!


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The Apron

The One-Handed Cooking Apron

These aprons were made especially for all the courageous one-handed individuals who want to be independent in the kitchen.

I wanted an apron that celebrated our success in finding joy in cooking single-handed. It is made of high quality, stain-release technology material. The neck strap is adjustable, and the two pockets accommodate left- or right-handed individuals.

A perfect gift for your loved one!


(Price includes United States Shipping and Handling)

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