Being grateful deprives our ego and nourishes our soul. It’s important to take note every day of all that we are grateful for. When you are struggling, it is hard to find what you are truly grateful for, especially if your loss is sudden. If you break your arm, you are unprepared. There is no way for you to have advanced notice. As you struggle managing daily tasks, keep in perspective that this is a temporary situation. Even if being one handed is going to be a permanent situation for you, you need to think outside of yourself.

I have my moments of frustration, but then again, I have to be grateful to be alive. Many young children and adults died from polio. I was also extremely fortunate in that it only impacted my upper right quadrant. There were so many others that were unable to walk. If you take the time to see others struggle, you will then realize how much you have to be grateful for.