Why do you respond to change as you do right now? How much has your past influenced you, and how do you respond when confronted with changes in your life? 

These are really important questions for you to discover how and why you respond to change. I know it can be scary to do deep reflection. I’ve been there. I know that some of my early life experiences played a role in how I responded to change. What about you?

Look at discovering as an adventure. When we were young, we were fearless and sought to discover so much about our world and our environment. We were never hesitant to discover what was under that box in the backyard or catch a butterfly to see the colors under its wings. That sense of wonder gets lost as we grow up. We worry about what people will say or what they will think about us. 

As you navigate single-handedness, be open to discovering new ways to do old tasks. In doing so, you will gather a sense of pride in your accomplishments. 

My perspective: “As a catalyst and compass for change, I can’t teach you to change. But I can help you discover the power of change within you.”