Sometimes in life, something happens and we find courage we never knew we had.  There are those situations where people have done impossible things based on their courage to help one another.  Courage is important when you are single-handed.  I can remember many times when I didn’t have courage because I was trying so hard to keep my polio secret.  For many years, most people had no idea I had polio.  It wasn’t until I went through a life changing experience that I got the courage to not only share my story but also to make peace with my past. 

Often on the path of courage we make mistakes, and it’s important that those mistakes just become stepping stones instead of stumbling blocks.  I remember a time when I went hiking around a lake.  It was not an easy hike, and there were lots of boulders to climb over.  I was scared!  But my friend who was with me gave me some tips on how to walk over those boulders and inspired me to do it on my own.  That was a number of years ago, but I can still remember how good it felt to be courageous.  So now when I’m in a situation that I am fearful about, I will remember to acknowledge the fear but also conquer it. 

Think of a situation in your past when you have evidence of being courageous.  Pull from that experience the next time you get frustrated trying to slice a loaf of bread with your non-dominant hand.