In my newsletter volume 1, I talk about acceptance.  Awareness is the first step to any change, and acceptance is the second.  Have you accepted your single-handedness?  Acceptance is so critical if you want to move forward in your life.  If your one handedness is short-term, acceptance will be easier for you because you know it’s not lifelong.  If your single-handedness is going to be lifelong, you’re going to have to learn to accept your current situation but also be open to modifying some of the skills that you once had.  That’s where tips and tricks come in to play.

I have to laugh because in the process of filming some of my videos I really messed up.  I remember saying the wrong product name and felt so good about the video until I watched it and realized I had mixed the names of the products.  I have to admit I wasn’t too happy, but then again I had a realistic option.  I redid that segment.  I learned in the process of doing many of the videos for One Handed Solutions that perfection is not achievable nor do I want to attain perfection.  It’s not much fun and not very practical.

I want you to look at acceptance in a different way.  It’s not that you are giving up.  It’s just that you are realistic and you see options given the circumstances.  And from seeing the options comes your strength and resilience.