About Paulette

Paulette holds a Master’s Degree in Communication Disorders.  She worked in that field for over 40 years.  Her years of experience have given her the skills to attain results.  She understands the impact of personal change on one’s quality of life.  Paulette also sees the potential in each person to overcome the challenges inherent in change.

As a two year old, Paulette survived one of the deadliest, contagious diseases: polio.  Polio came with ongoing health and emotional challenges.  These struggles threw her into an ideal training arena where she learned to master adaptation.  However, her real breakthrough came later in life.  She wasn’t prepared to lose the mobility and physical freedom she had worked so hard to regain. Something called post-polio syndrome had other plans for her.  Going through that second and permanent loss led her to discover the mindset and skills you need to thrive in spite of whatever life throws at you.

Paulette understands what you are going through when you have to live single-handedly, even if temporarily.  She has learned tips and tricks in managing daily living skills.  When she shares skills and products, it’s with a non-medical approach. Paulette finds that presenting the information in an entertaining and instructional model allows others to learn authentically.

About One-Handed Solutions

One-Handed Solutions is a non-medical, fun and entertaining way to look at navigating single-handedness.  Paulette knows from experience that when you’re having to learn new skills it helps to have an open mind and an open heart to vulnerability.  Her down-to-earth, practical suggestions ease individuals into adapting to the temporary or lifelong modifications needed to have a life that works single-handedly.

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